New Patients

The Initial Visit

Your first visit should take about an hour. Here’s what you can expect:

  • A warm welcome
  • Prompt registration
  • Review of your health history
  • Update of your dental records
  • Discussion with our Doctors
  • Comprehensive oral exam
  • Dental cleaning
  • Education and explanation of oral health
  • Treatment planning
  • Scheduling of your follow-up visits

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Have you recently scheduled your first appointment at A&M Dentists? We look forward to getting to know you and hopefully becoming your oral healthcare home for many years to come! 

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Dental Insurance

We accept most insurance plans. If you have dental insurance, let us know when you schedule your appointment. We will call your insurance company for pre-approval before you arrive to our office. Our front desk associates will gladly file your claim and accept your copay or deductible or file your claim electronically for prompt, direct reimbursement. We will also be happy to answer questions about your policy, coverage, and estimated out-of-pocket expense.

Payment & Financing Options

For your convenience, we accept cash, MasterCard, and Visa. Please prepare to pay your portion of the fees at your appointment. This helps us keep overhead costs low so we can keep treatment costs reasonable. We wants nothing to come between you and a healthy, full, and vibrant smile. If you’d like to explore financing options, we recommend CareCredit, Lending Club, or Wells Fargo, all are  trusted companies that offer low and no-interest loans to qualified applicants. Please call us if you have questions.

Find Us

You cant miss us! We are located off of Highway 6 North, near Clay Road. You will find several businesses all around like Domino’s, Chase Bank, Cash Advance, etc. If you need further assistance locating our office please give us a call!



1.When does my family need checkups and cleanings?

Every six months– even if you have no tooth pain or dental concerns. If no problems exist, great! However, if you’ve developed a small fracture or cavity, our Doctors can address the issue immediately. Left alone, these small problems only escalate, which may subject you to pain, increased expense, and more time in the dental chair. At a cleaning visit, our dentists will remove plaque, tartar, and decaying food particles from your teeth. You’ll enjoy teeth with a silky, smooth finish and fresher breath after professional dental cleanings.

2. How can I prevent cavities?

Always spend two to three minutes brushing your teeth. It takes that long to get rid of the bacteria that destroy tooth enamel. Do not brush too hard. It takes very little pressure to remove bacteria and plaque. Floss at least once a day. Flossing is the only way to get bacteria from between your teeth.

Watch the sugar you eat. There is sugar in candy, fruits, crackers and chips. Try to minimize the times during the day when sweet items are eaten and brush your teeth afterwards. If you cannot brush after a meal, rinse your mouth with water – which can help to remove food from your teeth. Do not forget your regular dental visits. Good dental habits will go a long.

3.Why does the dentist take X-rays?

Many diseases of the teeth and surrounding tissues cannot be seen when the dentist examines the mouth. An X-ray examination may reveal:

  • small areas of decay between the teeth or below existing restorations (fillings)
  • infections in the bone
  • periodontal (gum) disease
  • abscesses or cysts
  • developmental abnormalities
  • some types of tumors

There are many benefits to having X-rays taken. Any additional questions or concerns should be discussed with your dentist.